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Oct 27, 2012 5:00pm PDT
evacuated are packing up, boarding up, and getting energy supplies. forecasters say sandy will impact an 800 mile wide area from the carolinas up to maine. but they're not the only ones to feel sandy's impact. santiago sans us from the airport to show us how sandy could affect the airports here, as well. hello. >> hello. dealing with storms has been evolving over the last several years. airports and airlines have learned that preplanning and prestaging is something that's beneficial not only to passengers but to the industry, as well. now, airlines will be working with travelers. they're keeping an eye on the storm. they're determining the availability of flights and they're working on changing the structures of fares and fees for people who may have to change their travel plans. in some cases they're going to waive certain fees for changing flight plans. they're also trying to see what the major impact is going to be and which airports are going to be effected by the storm. then from there, try to reduce the amount of impact on their passengers. now, as for air travelers, the best thing the
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
see a pretty impressive system here. while most of the energy is going to go riding to the north, during the day tomorrow we're going to start to see changes. the parade forecast looks okay. mostly cloudy skies by let's say 3:00 late as we get into the afternoon. you may see some rain around the marin headlands into the north bay. but the evening now is a bit of a different story. you can see a few of the sprinkles we'll have overnight. clouds spilling over the bay area. cool temperatures. low 60s for the start of the parade. but there you see the rain in the north bay, dropping in now. 3:00 just to the north of the golden gate. and here is where things are speeding up. 6:00 now, san jose looks okay. but notice from san francisco heading into the north bay, the rains pushing through. so if you're going to wait to trick-or-treat in the south bay by 9:00, it does look like the rain is going to be spreading into the south bay. try to get the trick-or-treating done earlier. by late afternoon or early evening, you should be all right. there you go. thursday morning the rain continues,
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
coastal flooding. further inland it could down trees and knock out power. energy companies are already calling for backup. >> all of the utilities have reached out beyond our borders and put contracts in place already from as far away as washington state. >> memories of hurricane irene last year that left billions in damage have people determined not to get caught offguard. several states have declared emergencies. people are being told to prepare for the worst, possibly five to seven days without power. reporting live in chesapeake bay peek beach, maryland, i'm dannielle leigh, nbc bay area news. >>> could cord blood be used to cure autism? i'm marianne favro. how a cord registry here in the bay area is playing a critical role in new research. >>> the balance of political power at san jose's city hall lays right here in evergreen. i'm danian trujillo. that's up next. >>> decision 2012 now just 11 days away. nationally and locally, the races are coming down to the wire. among the hottest races in the south bay is the fight for the eighth district seat in san jose. this one dist
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3